Why wouldn’t you use google chromium os?

I experimented with google chromium last night for a bit and kindda like it. I am thinking of some ideas that i would like to implement in google chromium based on the response i get on this post. So everyone please answer the following questions to help me.

Why wouldn’t you use google chromium os?
Or more specifically what is it that you miss in google chromium?
What features would you like to be implemented?
Have you used Google Wave?
Do you like the idea of dashboard/showcase applications?
Have your used WebOS?
What do you feel about their future?
Do you like thin clients?
Would you prefer having a phone and doing all tasks from it with the same speed as from laptop?
What are your day to day use top 10 desktop applications?

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  1. Mohsin Mirza says:

    I think more gadgets are needed like twitter, Anyterm, Ajaxterm, transmission, pastebin, amahi, azureusSome other projects can be integrated http://ajaxmixer.sourceforge.net/http://www.ajaxplorer.info/wordpress/http://phpsysinfo.sourceforge.net/http://www.moovida.com/http://xbmc.org/http://www.mythtv.org/http://irodov.nm.ru/wget4web/http://jml.blathersource.org/http://qemudo.sourceforge.net/http://www.freeciv.net/http://developer.yahoo.com/mediaplayer/http://etherpad.comhttp://do.davebsd.com/ – but i don’t like mono :)http://addons.songbirdnest.com/addon/1680http://addons.songbirdnest.com/addon/1705http://muth.org/Robert/Hocuspocus/http://pyxremote.tuxfamily.org/http://fatrat.dolezel.info/http://www.autopoetic.com/vlcremote/http://code.google.com/p/rdw/Another good idea! http://www.chromiumos64.com/But it will complete different path from end user perceptive. You can also hack pfsence, m0n0wall and freenas for web UI for make them more powerful out of box. I will not suggest you to use webmin or usermin.

  2. shoaibi says:

    Okay, let me answer myself now…I wont use google chromium because its still too early, though the idea is no doubt awesome and i bet i won’t be able to resist it forever but that time will come when google chrome has a lot of widgets. I was discussing it the other day with hexxeh and then some other guys on his channel, here is a clip from there:error404notfound: i believe world is slowly moving to a time where people would replace laptops with cellphones and servers would get more intelligent, e.g. i believe its not a good idea to add anything more than just drivers to the chromium os core, for the rest of stuff we could provide a webos like environment.error404notfound: because if we add stuff to cros, like package management, the biggest pro of cros would be gone e.g. fast boot time.Sach33: yea.error404notfound: i don’t use cros as fulltime because it doesn’t provide me with a music player, a text editor, im/irc client. what if we could make/customize a webos to include google docs, contacts, calendar, and things like mibbit, meebo? would it be great?error404notfound: i mean, if that happens, i would practically drop having a secondary OS. CrOS will be everything…error404notfound: i love the idea behind boot.kernel.orgerror404notfound: and thats what i have in mind.Sach33: yea. i use cros when im on the go, much easier to use because of the fast boot timeerror404notfound: When everything would be a webapp, localization, security, etc everything will be headache of developers, not users.Sach33: thats what cros is doin :)error404notfound: furthermore, localization/security would be easy as well.error404notfound: so i am talking about something bigger than google waveerror404notfound: Google should acquire the title gOS and make another app on top of google wave and name that as gOS. One app for everything, where you could create profiles, like development, entertainment, chat, mix, etc. Each profile should allow user to login with specific program’s preloaded into server’s memory for robust response.error404notfound: I believe thats the way if we are to help users live in web browser, else a person like me would boot CrOS only when i am packing up and suddenly boss asks to show him a presentation that i have in gdocsSach33: haha yeaSach33: like chromium. its quick and to the point. at first i really doubted it will be any good. then extension support and bookmark sync came along error404notfound: its rude but its evident google is headed to cage users, and thats the best way that i just described :) e.g. caging softly..so with that clip from my irc log on #hexxeh on irc.freenode.net i have give your whats my perspective on google chromium os.

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