Google Chrome Trial

The other day i installed Google Chromium OS on my laptop for a test flight. I like the idea but chromium has still a long shot before people actually start preferring it as a primary OS. I have been reading benchmarks here and there so here is a little bechmarking of my own:

Firefox 3.5.7
Opera 10
Chrome 4.0.030

– Browser startup
Chrome ~1 sec (Wins)
Firefox ~4 sec
Opera ~4 sec

– Browsing (checked against various sites such as,,
Opera 6sec (Wins)
Firefox 7sec
Chrome 19 sec

Even though firefox might be slow at startup , after that i find it quite reasonable, and whats good is that there are millions of plugins. Chrome plugins are nice, but its just too soon to shift. Chrome kept saying “Resolving host” and then “waiting for” for ages. I googled, apply fixes, even changed machine, but all in vain. Opera on the other hand is also behaving nice and after reading about some nice upcoming features i have decided to keep using it for my office work.

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