Composer based portable web package manager


To developer a composer-based portable web package manager that can be integrated into applications’ admin backend for easy maintenance.


I plan to divide it into 2 layers. Both of these layers would be available as composer packages.

  • First layer would expose the API of composer over an interface, probably REST. I would do this.
  • Second layer would take benefit of that API, contain platform-dependent controllers and views to handle interface. I would do this for the frameworks/systems I use and remaining can come from community.


I have been a fan of WordPress and one of the major contributors to being that is how WordPress handles packages(core, plugins, themes), specifically installations and upgrades. I recently had the experience of writing upgrade script for Zurmo 2.0.22-2.2.22(and I might do it again for 2.2.22-2.5 in next couple of days) and it wasn’t the best upgrade management option I have had worked with. I use quite a few opensource components off packagist and few other repositories in my packages and while composer does a great job of managing those for me, I always feel the need to have something wordpress-ish in my admin backend.

I shared this idea on the mailing list and got one positive response from Andrew Eddie(he is one of the core developers of Joomla). He had actually proposed something very similar but in much more detail previously but hadn’t got around to write any code.


I am not sure about this part. With the things already on my list, this comes bit down the current TODO but if I could find someone who can make active contributions I would love to get this further. So if you’re interested drop me a message.

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