YiiPlayground looking for contributors

As most of you would know that I have been focusing on Yii Framework for the last couple of years now. Back in the days when I was still very new to Yii one of the things that helped me jump start my learning process was YiiPlayground. For those who do not know, YiiPlayground is a project started by Giovanni to demonstrate Yii Framework features using examples and demos. This, of course, is a great asset to beginners who can look at code and extract what they need, customize it and try it.

Before mid October Giovanni was the guy doing all the hard work. On 13th YiiPlayground moved to Github(post) and was open for contribution. I joined the project after a suggestion by rawtaz on IRC as response to my question of community projects to which I could contribute to. Since then I have had few encounters with Giovanni on skype and he seems like a nice guy who implemented some of my suggestions very quickly. Then Ben(another guy on forums) went ahead and forked project to add support for cloud9 and its there now(post). Under the recent updates Ben had also added a new theme in his fork. Right now the 2 tasks that are pending consist of:

  • Contact the author of the other Yii Playground project (Site and Github) [ I am gonna work on this, probably tonight Done, Erik has joined project]
  • Cleanup Code [ Kind of ongoing task ]

We still have to populate Issue list so everyone can pick something he wants to work on but it would be good to see some forks in the meanwhile. If you know Yii, or even if you don’t but know PHP OOP to a good degree, you’re more than welcome to Fork.

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