Ubuntu Tweak: Colorize your ubuntu

Okay, lets not forget the reason for bringing this post up beside ubuntutweak being a great tool; the reason was i wanted to show you mac like switching using mouse.

You are all aware of compiz effects, those wobbly windows, desktop cube/wall and etc.. But in mac i had this great thing called “Exposé”, this little applications lets you define “hot corners” of the screen e.g. you move your cursor to a certain corner and your defined tasks executes.

In Linux i was missing it so my first try was brightside which did exactly the same of what i was looking for, but wait, its a little too much more than what i want plus the transitions are so quick. I started looking for alternated and i found ubuntutweak. First lets install it:
apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

run and for the time being go to Desktop > Compiz Fusion. There on the top you have some nice options, here are my settings:
Top Left: Show windows
Top Right: Nothing (as i have to click “x” to close windows and i don’t wanna make things difficult for me)
Bottom Left: Show Desktop
Bottom Right: Expo

Try it, you will love it, transitions are also a lot smoother in my experience though brightside gives you more options like changing volume, running custom scripts (which might make you like it, and its perfectly okay, a great tool no doubt).

Beside this ubuntu-tweak is a handy tool for noobs to do a lot of stuff easily like File type association, information about your system, enabling/disabling PPAs, installing softwares and a lot more.

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