SwiftFox: Firefox, just better

I use Firefox more than I breath (not exactly), and when you use an application so much you want it to be fast, taking seconds for stuff that is done in minute and so on and so forth. So i used to google for “Speedup Firefox” or “Make Firefox faster” etc, i did all that hacking of nbglayout, proxypipelining, even started using a RAM disk for Firefox, it was quite good.

But you see, man is greedy, never gets satisfied, so i was still looking for something. Yes, i know about epiphany and such, but they don’t have all the cool features that Firefox has, nevermind the laziness of converting my preferences, passwords and etc to another browser. So while looking i found “SwiftFox“. I wanted to give it a shot. Couple of things that i found about it are that its has its own repository (jackpot!), deb and tarball installation methods. I installed it and valla!, behold human, this is what you wanted. It *is* Firefox in the sense that it uses same codebase as mozilla’s so it uses the exact same preferences and etc (no need to import anything) and on top of that its actually quite fast (atleast on my machine). Bad thing is that builds are only 32bit so your 64b plugins like flash and etc from firefox won’t work (but i don’t find that a big deal as i downloaded and installed 32bit flash for swiftfox, and for rest, i don’t do non-flash stuff like mplayer streaming or java in browser…). So the bottom line is:

I am still using something which is a “Fox” and i love it.

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