PHP/Yii Developer life made easy/Yiit v1.0

I have been doing web development for a long time now and i found myself doing a lot of things over and over across different applications. Aside from this being time consuming, it is irritating as i don’t like repeating myself, thanks to my sysadmin career for making me this lazy.

Lately i have been doing Yii development and i must admit its an awesome framework, clearly developers put a lot of time and effort in planning and developing it. Yii have a large repository of tutorials and extensions which has helped me from time to time.

Recently i have started to wonder to have a Netbeans(which just happens to be my IDE of choice) plugin that creates the basic Yii project with the common components and extensions. So i started working on bundling all the nice features and extensions to Yii and named it Yiit(Yes it is, too).

To download Yiit download latest code from github here. The on github as well as the  About page in project contains details(and the code itself includes lots of documentation too if you are curious).

Feature list:

  • Support for multiple environments(development, testing, staging, production)
  • Easy Meta Tag management

You can provide your feedback here or the contact address given on About page. My Yii forums account does’t seem to work on wiki login for some reason, i will add this to wiki once it does.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Hello Muhammad! I found you on Linked In while searching for information about conflicts between using Silver Stripe and WordPress in the same hosting account. Do you have any knowledge of such a conflict?-Barbara

  2. Muhammad Shoaib says:

    @Barbara: There are multiple conflicts that i am aware of if we put both under each other. What are you trying to achieve?

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