Finch: Commandline Pidgin-like IM

Do you like pidgin? Do you like commandline? What if i tell you that there is a IM which uses libpurple, is like pidgin but commandline? Cool, right? Well its finch. You can install it like:

apt-get install finch

and run using finch. It has a configuration file called ~/.gntrc where you can tweak its settings. Rest install it, check and explore it yourself, i bet you will love it. I run it inside a window called finch in a screen on our server, that way i never go offline :D.

My ~/.gntrc:

shadow = 0
mouse = 1
wm = /usr/local/lib/gnt/
remember_position = 1
small-button = true
name = BuddyList
window-names = buddylist;debug-window
name = IRC
window-names = IRC
window-titles = IRC
name = IM
window-names = conversation-window
window-titles = Preferences;Pounce

Yes, bitlbee and irssi are good but i am way too used to pidgin.

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