BMI Calculator: My First Android App

Okay, after Oracle went after google for patent rights i got interested in android more than ever so decided to jump right in and program something. Following is my first app: BMI Calculator


  • Calculates BMI (Body Mass Index).



  • Support multiple unit systems
  • Bells and Whistles:
    • Changing Unit System automatically changes the units inside Height and Weight field labels
    • Gender Spinner data is read from @arrays/gender_list. This was not needed, just did it to learn how one can read XML and attach an adapter to it.
    • Gender Spinner’s Prompt reads from @strings/select_gender. This was needed and done.
    • Height and Weight EditText allows 6 characters, single line and decimal
    • Hitting Calculate button without inputting any data causes Result’s TextView to show an error.


  • Incorporate Gender when doing BMI Calculation




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  1. pinsen says:

    Hiii…My name pinsen from indonesia.Can you help me to make a application like that??Sorry my english bad…

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