Open Source in Pakistan, nowhere?

I used to wonder that even though there are so many communities and groups working on promoting and training people about Open Source i dont see it at government level but my views changed as i return from MRA Rawalpindi office. For those who dont know i bought a bike some weeks ago and had to get it registered so went to the office on a weekend and when the couter guy handed me a paper which contained details about my registration and etc, God, was i surprised to see a url ending with:


printed at the end of paper? See, “JSP”, Java Server Pages. Who said Java was going to die? I can’t tell you how much it makes me happy to see that Open Source is being using in goverment offices. It might not be used a lot, but i would say it enough for a start. In my opinion, i dont want an Open Source Revolution e.g. we wake up and suddenly everyone uses Open Source, because thats not gonna happen. Change come at the cost of time and i sure am waiting for that time, are you?

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