Nagios: Make your servers behave and happy :P

I found about nagios while i was doing my final year project back in start of 2007, since then i have been using it more or less on all my servers. Last night i configured it on a friend’s VPS for following services:

  • Disk Space
  • Swap
  • RAM
  • Load
  • Users
  • Processes
  • Updates using apt-get
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • DNS
  • Dig
  • SMTP
  • SSH
  • Postfix mail queue
  • and some site alerts plus about their ssl cert if its expires in less than 14 days

and while i was at it i also ask my friend for installing Firefox’s “Nagios Checker” plugin for easy access and alerts beside email. It was fun…

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  1. akp982 says:

    Nagios is great, I have it setup on my network it runs sweet and with the plugins for windows and linux boxes to allow you to excite remote commands it just rocks!It will fix problems its self before I even know about them.

  2. shoaibi says:

    yes, its cool, tried nagiosgrapher? its even more cool, its like cacti+nagios.Also what do you mean by it fixes the problems by itself? custom code to fix problems in hooks? coz nagios is just a detection and alerting system as far as i used it.

  3. Intostephep says:

    Sry for being Off-Topic but which wordpress theme do you use? Looks stunning.

  4. shoaibi says:

    its 2.8.6 and the theme is called Acid Rain

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