Mailinator: Let them eat spam

Have you ever been into a situation where you need to signup for a site but you don’t really care what happens to the emails sent by that site after you have activated the account? Don’t wanna give out your gmail id?

Okay, i have been into such situations a million times, what do i do? I use Mailinator. What is Mailinator? Well whenever you wanna registration some site, give out , what worth is this off???

When they will need to email stuff, this email would already exist on the server (host by mailinator) and you can go to to check your emails. Cool, isn’t it?

Just couple of words of caution, email boxes are public, and you “can’t” make them private as of yet, and email boxes are pruned on regular interval, so be sure to change you email address if you start caring about emails sent by that site.

There are couple of other services out there like mailinator, but i like it more due to its simplicity. No extra steps, just get to your box. There are also couple of Firefox addons like:

which serve same purpose.

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