Karmic: No, its not that bad…

Recently i have felt an uproar towards the ubuntu quality assurance team from the community after the release of Karmic. Some people actually went so far to call it the worst release ever. From all the places where i expected it least i found it on LinuxMag – Hey ubuntu stop making linux look bad. Frankly speaking i was more intimidated by the title of article than the article itself. Author has pointed some valid stuff but with too much criticism with, if i may say, a bit cocky attitude. Later he went to write this article as his reply to the strong comments that he got on the first article. In my opinion it would have been a great help to ubuntu team if he would have wrote just this second article because its a great contribution. Right now ubuntu is getting too much criticism from everyone, the least we could do as a favor for using it free for all these years is to try keeping it low if not by contributing fixes, bug reports or suggestions. And frankly anyone who has less can 50 bug reports filed on launchpad says its bad, he should quit using it because to criticize is easy, to help correct or correct is difficult.

Now, not to the author, but to the general public who is angry at ubuntu team i wanna say some stuff. First, remember nothing is perfect, everything fails at some point, so learn tolerance or shift. Secondly i have been using Karmic since its RC days, i found some issues but they eventually got fixed and right now i don’t remember any issue that i have been facing, not that i know of in my day to day use of my karmic laptop for gaming, multimedia, business and home use. It may still have some issues, but as the author mentioned in the second article, those are not entirely ubuntu team’s fault because they could be due to hardware vendor or etc.

Cutting all my wisdom words to short, i believe in one thing and that is “If you love something/someone accept it/him/her with its/his/her faults as well”. Personally at my level i had a great experience using karmic so far, so many things run lighting fast which took minutes in jaunty.

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  1. MohsinHijazee says:

    Karmic is a great release only that it has a bug in generation of xorg.conf perhaps that’s why it not only misses the resolutions out but also has no effect if you change it.The critical area to look at is the monitor configurations as is my experience.Overall, Karmic is a great release. Awesome.

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