Facebook Lite?

I dont like social networking or such sites, no offense, but i believe that updating your status 3 times a day on twitter is not being social. Being social is meeting a friend daily on the way back home from office, sitting together with him, having a cup of tea and enjoying life. There are a lot of positive things that such sites do and there are also a lot of negative things. I dont remember but i saw an episode of “The IT Crowd” where they pinpoint some most irritating stuff such sites could do to you. I was a member of orkut, facebook, friendster, hi5 and etc but i left them all with major reason of less free time available for such stuff. I get to meet a lot of people on daily basis that i dont find time or the need to sit on laptop and search on facebook. Anyways, this year i came back on facebook (yes, i know its lame, but one has to keep his online presence a bit, else you are nobody, so that was the major reason, i had some things and i wanted people to see them and facebook was the place, just that. To verify you can check how many times i update my status, or other updates from me on facebook. :D)

So after that i got an invitation email 2 weeks back about testing facebook lite. Now, again no offense to these great facebook guys, but while its a great idea on one side (being implemented for mobile device), its not properly implemented in my opinion. And by proper implementation i mean that there were two major aspects of this concept, one being less distractive and other being light. It is less distractive, i give you that, but its still not really lite, i expected something like gmail’s plain html view. May be i am being too greedy. Yet i will commend the idea, its great idea.

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