Experience with Google Chrom(e/ium)

I am a die hard fan of google for its free quality services. Sice chromium came out i was looking forward for it to become available on Linux. There were geeky methods like running it on wine, but i avoid using wine or applications that run on wine. So the other day i was surfing web and found this great link (from which you now that i am using ubuntu, and yes its the distro of my choice), i installed chromium and next thing is i am using it. Personally i like dark themes (because they give better contrast with focus on things where its needed, imho) a bit more so i install glow theme of chromium and it so cool.

Oh and btw, use the PPA method, its better in my opinion, also try glow theme. And ofcourse this is beta software and may break things so cover for yourself but if you ask me, its very tamed already, doesnt mess around :D

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