COSP Linux Workshop 09 Conducted

Today i went to my university to deliver some lectures on Linux on our annually COSP Linux Workshop, which we conduct for new batches in october/november of every year. Okay, so i go there, enter the room and attendance is more than what i expected. Another good thing was participation from faculty members and then there is this great teacher, a great inspiration, Dr. Javaid Khursheed, he was there as well, really encouraged junior lecturers.

Overall it was a great event, could have been better, because there is always room for improvement but considering it as first event organized by the junior team i would say it was pretty good as starting point. So now i am back, feeling a bit of fever even now, a bit headache (mainly because i bumped my head into a barrier, was reading something and it just came up :D ). I guess i will see you guys in a week because right now i can’t write the queued posts. See ya! Wish me health :P

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  1. Hisham Najam says:

    I think its Dr. Javaid Khursheed :P

  2. shoaibi says:

    corrected! thanks :D

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