Chrome OS? Solid Gold OS

The source code for Google’s new Chrome OS (and therefore “Chromium” OS) was released this past week with little fanfare on their behalf.

What they may have lacked in enthusiasm however, appears to have been well and truly made up for by the rest of the community. Chrome OS has been the hottest topic on the Internet of late. So what’s it all about?

When Chrome OS was first announced, yours truly pondered what this might mean for the Linux world. Now, with the project officially released to the world, Joe Brockmeier has taken a closer look.

Launch, What Launch?

Google makes great products, it’s why they have become such a force in the computer industry. It was disappointing for many then, when they first got a taste of their much anticipated operating system. Not only was there no flashy new product ready to install on a user’s desktop, there wasn’t even a prepared version at all. No, instead (in true open source fashion) Google posted some instructions on how to build it manually.

Others have become even more disheartened to discover that it’s not flash (although it does include Flash), that it doesn’t run local applications, and that it’s tied into Google’s networked services. One has to wonder, what were they expecting?

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